Listening to the stories told by my grandfather as a child awakened an interest in history—particularly of the Tasmanian high country, that has been with me most of my life. Academic study of history at university and some good teachers sharpened that interest and helped me develop the tools and the perspectives to explore it deeper. While never a professional historian, history writing has been an enduring passion, a hobby of sorts, that has captivated me over the decades.

I have never tired of writing about the mountains. Family connections to hunters and mountain cattlemen created that initial connection to place that I strengthened through countless bushwalking, horseriding and family trips. The Upper Mersey valley is my country, the crucible of my identity. Hundreds of kilometers away, cocooned in the city, I smell it, I breathe it, I travel through it in my mind. It is my magnificent obsession and I count myself very fortunate to have had and to continue to have such a connection.

Retired, I now have the time to indulge my passion. I hope to write often, looking for ways to tell those stories collected from a lifetime of research.

Simon Cubit