Current projects

This page lists the current projects that occupy my time and thoughts. These projects generally take two different forms: writing projects and advocacy projects.

Writing projects

Reg Hall

Reg Hall was a Launceston lawyer who did some amazing early walks into the Walls of Jerusalem and was responsible for naming many of its peaks and valleys. I'd like to do some research on Reg with a view to writing a short biography.

International dimensions of the Tasmanian fur trade

I have been intrigued about the manner in which the international fur trade shaped the Tasmanian hunting industry. I’d like to explore that through an article for a historical journal.

Development of the skin shed

I have also been fascinated by the development of the skin shed that enabled Tasmanian hunters to dry skins in the wet Tasmanian high country environment. The invention of this technology dramatically reshaped the Tasmanian hunting industry but little has been written about it.

Advocacy Projects

Skin sheds and snaring huts

Skin sheds and snaring were only ever built in Tasmania and around a dozen or so are thought to remain. A funded project is required to establish just how many remain and what sort of condition they are in as a precursor to a conservation project designed to conserve these buildings into the future.

Mountain hut conservation

Many huts, such as those profiled in my Tasmanian High Country Huts, require regular maintenance. A key task is to work with community groups and land managers to generate conservation projects designed to maintain and protect these buildings. The current restoration work being undertaken on Old Pelion Hut is the result of such work.