Ritter Track Stone Cairn Co-ordinates

Ritters Track Stone Cairn Co-ordinates

Since publishing the blog about Ritters Track a couple of years ago, I have received a steady stream of enquiries from readers fascinated by (1) the fact that it is marked on the ground by over 200 stone cairns; and (2) that my friend Ken Felton recorded the coordinates of each cairn with his GPS unit. I have had many requests from people for these coordinates presumably because they want to input them into their own systems thereby creating an electronic map of sorts.

After discussing these requests with Ken, we have agreed that the best course of action is to publish the coordinates and Ken's wonderful notes on this website.

To access these coordinates, click here. The first column (going left to right) is the number Ken has given to each cairn—he has recorded 210 of them! These begin near Forty Lakes Peak and head south. The second column refers to the page number in Ken's field book—mostly irrelevant for this exercise. The last five digits of the complete grid reference, using the AGD66 datum—the "old grid"—are between the two ink lines. If people want to use a computer program to plot a map they can convert to the current grid and full reference.