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Mountain Stories: Echoes from the Tasmanian High Country Volume 2

Called a national treasure by some for a life time of collecting oral traditions that would otherwise have been lost, Simon Cubit has once again produced another series of historical musings about people, places, huts and events of the Tasmanian high country in this his last publication. Edited by his niece, Katie Tangney, this book was published posthumously and launched in September 2017.


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Mountain Stories: Echoes from the Tasmanian High Country Volume 1 (Sold out)

Mountain Stories was formulated from a fortnightly blog written by Simon Cubit from a lifetime of research and personal experiences in Tasmania’s high country. It is a unique series of historical musings about people, places, huts and events from that arc of country from the Great Lake west to the Vale of Belvoir near Cradle Mountain.

Mountain Stories: Echoes from the Tasmanian high country is a collection of over 50 of the best of the Mountain Stories series presented with a substantial amount of never-before-published material together with a large number of wonderful historical photographs. Some of these very popular stories were frequently broadcast on ABC Radio in 2016 - 2017.





Mountain Men: Stories from the Tasmanian High Country (Sold out)

Mountain Men tells the stories of ten men who lived, worked and played in the Tasmanian high country from 1870 to 1990. Hunters, mineral prospectors, guides, rangers and tourism operators, horse riders and walkers, they all played a role in the development of nature tourism and recreation in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair region. More than just a collection of biographies, the book creates a compelling narrative of the European history of today's central highlands.

Dan Griffin (1851–1925), William Aylett (1863–1952), Gustav Weindorfer (1874–1932), Paddy Hartnett (1875–1944), Bert Nichols (1878–1950), Ron Smith (1881–1969), Lionel Connell (1884–1960), Dick Reed (1898–1990), Ray ‘Boy’ Miles (1918–1978) and  Basil Steers (1927–1997).

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Historic Tasmanian Mountain Huts

A book on the huts and the people of the Tasmanian high country

The introduction of portable dry plate cameras in the late 1870s marked the beginning of a golden age of Tasmanian landscape photography. With cameras on their backs, adventurers explored the wilds of Tasmania, recording not just the dramatic physical features they found but also the typically rough shelters of the miners, hunters, stockmen and piners who lived or worked in the bush. In this beautiful book Simon Cubit and Nic Haygarth use this rich photographic heritage as the basis for a series of extraordinary stories about human enterprise in the Tasmanian highlands.

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Tasmanian High Country Huts

Tasmanian High Country Huts is a beautiful book that evokes the character, spirit and ruggedness of the Tasmanian high country and the special qualities of the people who made a living from it. It tells the stories of over twenty five huts from the Central Plateau to Cradle Mountain constructed by stockmen, fur trade hunters, miners and adventurers and traces their fortune against a backdrop of changing social and economic conditions. Skillfully researched and written by Simon Cubit with remarkable illustrations by Des Murray, has already become a Tasmanian classic.

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Two-book set: Tasmanian High Country Huts + Historic Tasmanian Mountain Huts

Special offer! Two amazing books that beautifully describe our mountain hut heritage.  

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